Fairness, equality, and justice

We believe in fairness and equality. We welcome everyone as a person, irrespective of gender, race, age, color, religion, or love life." This is part of our corporate values. We don't just want to pay lip service to it; we want to live it, whether at work or in our free time. 

Racism, discrimination, and intolerance concern us all. And each of us can do something about it. We can start with ourselves and question whether our world-view assumptions are free of prejudice. Do we really treat all people equally? Or are some more equal than others? 

“Our company and our work are based on friendly cooperation. Exclusion, discrimination, and inequality have no place here. At Arineo, we are constantly working on this. If we discover grievances, we tackle them", says Dr. Marko Weinrich, Managing Director of Arineo GmbH. "The more people who share this view, the better our society is."