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Customer Experience: More than e-commerce

Many companies still know the "good old days" - orders came regularly by phone or fax because customers appreciated the quality of the product and the business relationship. Nowadays, these cases are rare. It is much more important to use data to retain prospects and customers with precisely tailored offers. After all, according to analyses, between 60% and 70% of a purchase decision takes place before the initial contact with a company! This is precisely where the SAP Customer Experience portfolio comes in.

Whether your business model is B2B, B2C, D2C, or a hybrid, SAP's Customer Experience portfolio gives you a modular, integrated system for managing all touchpoints. It contains a powerful, globally designed e-commerce solution, up-to-date modules for handling sales and service processes, as well as high-performance tools for customized marketing, and GDPR-compliant administration of customer data. The best part: you can start with one module and flexibly expand the system as needed. The entire portfolio is, of course, integrated into your SAP backend system - the digital heart of your smart company.

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Your customer portal with SAP Commerce

Create an oasis of comfort for your prospects and customers, where they can conduct all business with you at any time and on any device. This is more than "just" an online store: here, your customers can find out about your product and service portfolio, configure products individually, download original documents again, and place service requests as needed. SAP Commerce Cloud can also easily map new business models, such as renting instead of buying.

Because SAP Commerce Cloud is seamlessly connected to your SAP ERP, you have consistent and up-to-date data across your entire company, lower your costs, optimize your support, and avoid digital access licenses that could be incurred when using third-party systems. Best of all, with this comprehensive solution, you increase the ease of use for your customers, as well as for your teams. Win-win for everyone involved - except your competition.

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SAP Customer Experience: 5 modules for your success

The SAP Customer Experience portfolio consists of six components that you can assemble in a modular way, according to your needs. This way, you won't buy an overpowering tool that exceeds your requirements. By deploying solutions in the cloud, you can get them up and running quickly and with minimal effort.

SAP Commerce Cloud more than just your online store. Offer your customers a portal in which they can process all their requests quickly and intuitively, regardless of location, time, and device.

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SAP Sales Cloud the CRM of SAP. Manage your customer information centrally and interact with your customers. Process inquiries and provide offers to your customers and prospects via your SAP Commerce Cloud frontend.

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SAP Service Cloud

... is the central component within the Customer Experience portfolio for customer service. In addition to the classic ticket functions, its resource planning and seamless integration with your customer portal is persuasive.

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SAP Marketing Cloud

... is the intelligence in the background. It analyzes usage behavior and identifies interests. Based on this, it creates a complete profile. Together with SAP Commerce, you can present optimal offers and content.

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SAP Customer Data Cloud the component that enables you to store and use your customer data in a privacy-compliant manner and provides comprehensive insights in real time. The goal is to exceed customer expectations in all interactions.

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