Online meetings... why didn't anyone warn me? - How to... Online meetings

Some of us are currently experiencing the transition from in-person meetings to online meetings. Splash! Thrown in at the deep end! Now that we have had a couple of weeks to look at this, some people want to go back to good old in-person meetings. A common reason for this is the pure chaos that seems to prevail in online meetings. Take a look at our tips and tricks to get more structure in your meetings.


Who is actually talking?

Sure, with everyone in the room, we can quickly assign voices to people. We can see who's doing the talking. In online meetings without video, this is not so easy. Here, it is helpful to briefly state your name before you start talking.


Who's eating crisps?

Mute your microphone when you’re not talking. This reduces distracting noises and everyone can concentrate on the person currently speaking. This reduces stress for everyone.


It's as clear as mud!

"Go on" "No, you!" "Okay, then I..." "In my opin..." A question is asked and nobody understands a word - just a cacophony of gibberish. Use the chat for this! If you have a question or something to say, you can do so in the chat, e.g. with "Question" or "I want to add something". This gives the participants an overview and the moderator can let people ask their questions or speak individually. Even nodding your head in agreement works: just write "I agree" in the chat.


Does anyone have a plan?!

This also applies to online meetings: no agenda, (also means) no structure! Think about what topics you want to discuss and how much time you need for them. Ideally, send the agenda directly with the invitation. This way, you can efficiently steer your meeting and all participants have an overview of which topics should be discussed during the meeting.


Have a break! Have a chocolate bar!  

Just because a meeting is held online does not make it less tiring. As with longer in-person meetings, it is important to have breaks, so that all participants can regenerate. Plan for them and give a specific time when the meeting restarts.


Oooh! Shiny...

Even if the temptation is great, stay alert during online meetings and ask for a break, if necessary. The more concentrated you are, the more efficient you can make the meeting, and the quicker it will end. Afterward, you deserve a break to distract yourself and clear your head.


Look at the time!

"Well, I'm off to my next meeting. Bye!" Your colleagues are saying their goodbyes and you still have items on the agenda? Keep an eye on the time! Some discussions are useful, others are not. Point out the agenda and the lack of time to the people talking. Stay respectful and on topic!


You have read all the tips, are super disciplined, and the technology lets you down? Then try Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft platform offers everything you need to make sure that the meeting won't fail because of technology!


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