Employee-owned company: Innovative company organization for more employee loyalty

Arineo GmbH, an IT service provider founded in December 2018, is based on a new corporate model: The employee-owned company (EOC). With this model, the company secures meaningful jobs for the long term, strengthens the employees' bond with their employer and prevents the company from becoming an object of speculation. The concept is bearing fruit: In May, six months after its foundation, the company posted a turnover of over 1 million Euros.

[Göttingen, July 5th, 2019] The founding articles of Arineo GmbH state that the company, which has its registered office in Göttingen, will be 51% owned by the workforce within five years and after ten years, the company will be 100% owned by the workforce. The aim is for Arineo to become a so-called Purpose-Company: Generated surpluses remain in the company as reserves and are used for investments in employee development, new solutions, or meaningful growth. "Another aspect of our EOC idea is that the sale of the company is only possible if all employees agree. This rules out speculation with company shares," explains Dr. Marko Weinrich, who has been a member of the Arineo GmbH management board since July 2019 and adds: "The primary purpose of Arineo is to provide IT services at the highest level. Of course, we have to operate just as profitably as any other company. The difference, however, is that our surpluses flow entirely into the pursuit of this purpose."

The owner structure of the company is comparable to that of a modern football club: The company is basically owned by the employee association. However, this has no influence on the operating business - the management alone is responsible for business decisions. They report to a supervisory board, which is determined by the association and consists mainly of external experts and employee representatives. "With this construct, we ensure that Arineo has lasting conditions that promote commitment and motivation. This benefits our customers and ultimately gives us a competitive advantage," adds Martin Renker, member of the management board.

This means that the approximately 170 employees enjoy greater decision-making freedom in their day-to-day business: The company is organized according to the principles of cooperative leadership. Decisions are made by those who are most familiar with the subject matter - not by managers who usually have to spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the details first. Such agile structures give employees the opportunity to make decisions quickly and independently within their value chain. "The founders have used established knowledge from work and organizational psychology to define the working environment: We see emotional security, appreciation, clarity, independence, self-determination, solution orientation, team-work and a healthy balance between work and private life as basic prerequisites for effective and creative work," says Ruven Heybowitz, member of Arineo's supervisory board.

Arineo GmbH has already been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Göttingen as an official training center and has been accepted as an SAP Silver Partner as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. "These are very positive signals for the market. It is true that our company, with its rapid growth, is something special. That might make certain customers uneasy. But the teams that make up Arineo already had an excellent reputation on the market - Arineo GmbH naturally benefits from this," adds Weinrich. The company plans to employ over 200 people by the end of the year.

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Management Board of Arineo GmbH, Supervisory Board, and Managing Director of the holding company

v.l. Wibke Jellinghaus, Martin Renker, Dr. Astrid Selke, Dr. Frank Wilkes, Philipp Stickling, Martin Schweicher, Dr. Marko Weinrich, Ruven Heybowitz, Frank Jakobi

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Management Board of Arineo GmbH
v.l. Martin Renker, Dr. Frank Wilkes, Martin Schweicher, Dr. Marko Weinrich, Frank Jakobi
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