Online AI image processing course with Arineo and the Heise Academy

In the Heise Academy online course "Image Segmentation with Python and Keras", our Arineo colleagues demonstrate machine learning tools. In the seven-chapter course, efficient algorithms and their areas of application in image processing are taught using practical examples.   

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance. Through the use of machine learning and automated image recognition, certain processes can be simplified and made more efficient, thereby minimizing errors. In an online course from the Heise Academy, our colleagues Gerhard Heinzerling and Dimas Wiese use practical examples to explain methods for image recognition, processing, and segmentation.  

Contents of the Online course "Image Segmentation with Python and Keras" 

  • Open, modify, and save images 
  • Manipulate complex images 
  • Create and train a convolutional neural network for image recognition 
  • Use a neural network for image segmentation 
  • Recognize edges and shapes in images 
  • Create and use your own web application 

The programming language Python, as well as Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor, and the online platform Google Colab, are used to develop classical image processing methods. It shows how images can be prepared in a meaningful way and how objects in them can be recognized automatically. After completing this compact five-hour course, participants will be familiar with many image processing algorithms and their potential applications. 

We are currently giving away free access to participants for this online course. If you are interested in free access, feel free to check out our LinkedIn profile. 


About Arineo and the instructors: 

Arineo GmbH accompanies medium-sized companies on the way to digitization - from the choice of the appropriate solution combination, its deployment, to operation and support. We rely on future-proof technologies from Microsoft and SAP for customer engagement, enterprise resource planning, workplace and collaboration, and data analytics. Our senior data scientists, Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling and Dimas Wiese focus on artificial intelligence in image and video recognition. They develop bespoke software solutions for our customers based on this.